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Accessories for load cell

Sensotech offers a wide range of load cells / Weigh Modules / Instrumentation & Controllers / Accessories etc to fulfill your specific application requirements. In addition to these key components, we also offer a variety of add-on accessories to help you get your project up and running quickly including Anti-Vibration mounts.

We have a wider collection of weigh system components including cup / sockets, swivel foot assembly / eye bolts to connect the load cell, load cell spacers, Additional Signal Cable / wireless communication modules / Batteries / Jumbo Display units / remote Display units etc, to connect between the Load cell and your PLC / Centralized servers, MIL Grade Connectors for Cable, D shackle, Y Shackle, Rod End Bearing / Load Buttons are also provided.

Connectors for Cable

D shackle

Eye Bolt

Eyebolt & Y ShacKle

Leg Mount Assembly for SESB

Load Button

Load Button

Male - Female Adaptor

Other Accessories

Rod End Bearing

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