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Compression Load cell Manufacturers and Suppliers In Faridabad – Haryana

Compression Load Cell suppliers In Faridabad -Haryana

Sensotech is one of the compression load cell manufacturers in Faridabad. Faridabad is the city of the industrial area, located in Haryana. Faridabad city is popular for industries like two-wheeler industries, Television, refrigerators, etc. This city is also famous for compression load cell manufacturers and also for load cell supplying.

Nowadays load cell is used in every application like Incubator Weighing, tyre industry, force measurement in roller mill, etc. in every industry needs load cells for their applications. The reason why load cell manufacturing is also increasing directly proportional to requirement.

For the most part, the load cell is additionally called a transducer which is utilized to change over the power and loads into electrical signs. Distinctive sort of load cells made by load cell manufacturers in India, which is accessible depends upon the application you were utilizing. Here we go to see about some kind of load cells.

COMPRESSION LOAD CELL is developed to calculate  either compression  or tension  forces  in the absolute harshest mechanical conditions.

Our Products list:

Compression load cells from Sensotech

There are a lot of compression load cell manufacturers in  Faridabad as well as in India also. But some characteristics of sensomatic differ from those of load cell manufacturers in  Faridabad and also the load cell suppliers in Faridabad.

This is button type load cell named BTN is made for compression application. This type is mainly used in applications where space is limited.BTN is made up of high nickel alloy steel and it is used in level measurement applications in tank and silo weighing.

The capacity range of BTn starts from 500 kgf to 30 tf.The nominal sensitivity is 1.5 mv/V & variation is ± 0.25%.

The BTS Model is also the same as BTS. We manufacture the BTS model in the  range of 2.5 tf to 50 tf and the nominal sensitivity 1mv/V and the variation ±0.25%

Featuring features of compression load cells

  • Load deflection and creep
  • Allows high permissible dynamic load
  • High fatigue rated and impact resistant

Reasons for Sensotech best compression load cell manufacturers in Faridabad

  • On-time delivery
  • Customer satisfaction with our product
  • Affordable price
  • Offer service and maintenance support