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Shear Beam Load Cell Manufacturer and Suppliers

Shear Beam Load Cell Manufacturer and Suppliers in Bhubaneswar

Shear beam load cell manufacturer and suppliers 

Shear beam load cells are commonly known as beam load cells. Wheatstone working principle is the principle used in the shear beam load cells. These load cells are mostly used in medium capacity applications. Here the load cels are mounted at the corner of the applications.

Working of shear  beam load cells

When the load is fired at one of the ends and the other end means the body of the load cell will flex and makes the strain gauge are under shear.
The measuring principle offers good resistance against side loads and little sensitivity to the variety of loading areas.

Sensomatic load cell manufacturers different types of double shear beam load cells.DESB-S, DESB-RIM, DESB-T, DESB-PWB, DESB-TPR, DESB-BL are the different types of shear beam load cells.


Characteristics of the Shear beam load cells

  • Good stability
  • Suitable  for a variety of applications
  • Rugged and sealed to Ipvf standard
  • Robust in construction
  • Designed to withstand the impact of load
  • Constructed from the high nickel Alloy steel

Double-ended shear beam load cell characteristics

  • Used in the high capacity load measurement applications
  • Manufactured from high nickel alloy steel
  • Inbuilt lightning protection
  • Sealed to ip68 standard
  • used in dynamic and static Applications  like truck weighing, tank and silo weighing

Sensomatic manufactures and supplies the single-ended load cells and double-ended shear beam load cells all over India and also exports all over the countries abroad. We are one of the leading load cell manufacturers in Bhubaneswar, India.

Why Sensomatic become a leading load cell suppliers in Bhubaneswar?

Our items are all industry-standard and that makes us one of the supported load cell suppliers in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

  • We have normalized bundling for all small and mass orders.
  • We put our items through thorough testing prior to sending them out to our clients. Thus, with us, you will scarcely ever purchase broken hardware.
  • All of our items, similar to the best load cell suppliers in Bhubaneswar are of high caliber.