Aircraft and Helicopter weighing

Rocket Engine Thrust measurement

Vehicle Fatigue Testing

Factory Automation

Automobile Crash Test

Wind Tunnel Testing

Baby Weighing Scale

Incubator Weighing

Hospital Bed Weighing Scale

Health Kiosk

Bite Force Sensor

Gym Equipment

Sensor for Robotic Surgery

Bridge & Infrastructure

Check Weigher

Material Handling

Sorting Machine

Farm Equipment

Filling Machine

Material Testing

Packing Machine

Press Fit Machine

SPM & UTM Machine

Spring Testing Machine

Food & Beverage Industries

Pallet Scale


Silo Weighing System

Tank Weighing System

Tower Testing

Tyre Industry

Weigh pad with Indicator

Trolley Weighing System

Toll Plaza Weighing

On board Weighing System

Nuclear & Thermal Power Plants

Bridge & Dam Structure Stress Monitoring

Fabric Tension Measure

Force Measurement in Roller Mill

Vehicle Stress analysis