Load cell suppliers in nagpur


To buy a load cell, First need to choose the best load cell, manufacturers. Nagpur is one of the big industrial areas in India. There are a lot of load cell manufacturers and load cell suppliers in Nagpur also. So Better choose the best load cell suppliers in Nagpur for your all applications. The best quality load cell provides the best result. When you choose the transducer from Nagpur, select sensotech, one of the best load cell suppliers in Nagpur, India.

Sensotech is a truly outstanding and eminent association that offering a high-grade load cell. We are a quality-driven association that conveys every item with excellent norms.

Features of sensotech [best load cell suppliers in Nagpur]
  • Load cells are affordable
  • Load cells are cheaper to maintain
  • Shorter delivery time
  • 100% customer support
  • High quality and customized product is provided

Sensotech supplies load cells all over the world and it becomes the best load cell, dealers, too.

Application of load cell

The load cells have used a variety of applications. Here we list some applications of the load cell. Sensotech is the leading load cell dealers in Nagpur for almost all companies.

    • Sorting Machine
    • Farm Equipment
    • Filling Machine
    • Material Testing
    • Packing Machine
    • Press Fit Machine
    • SPM & UTM Machine
    • Spring Testing Machine
    • Food & Beverage Industries
    • Pallet Scale
    • Robotics

Nowadays, we are living in the digital age, customers expect the product to arrive as early as possible. So that our company load cell dealers in nagpur will make it efficiently.

This load cell has an electronic structure, that can be in different sizes and shapes. It is used to break down the static and additionally unique opposition of framework or some detached structure. In business load cells load sensors have different  size and shape

All in all Load Cell is a separated structure, though in weighing is a static estimation. As it utilized in gauging it deals with simply a solitary hub.


We never bargain with the nature of items and consistently present with our best level to our clients.

The offered items are made utilizing the best grade raw material and refined innovation incongruity with the worldwide business guidelines.

Our offered items are exhaustively recognized because of their assorted credits, for example, incomparable quality, strength, smooth completion,  easy to understand interface, reduced plan, and simple establishment. Customers can profit the offered items from us at the most reasonable costs.

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Rope Tension Load Cell manufacturers in Indore

Rope Tension Load Cell manufacturers in Indore

The Indore, the capital of Madhya Pradesh is famous for its goods and services. This place is also known for load cell manufacturers. Sensotech, the prominent load cell manufacturers in Indore.

We manufacturers different types of load cells like Shear beam load cells, button,s type load cell, Aluminum, etc. Among these Rope Tension is also providing there. Sensotech offers different type types of rope tension transducers. So our become the best rope tension load cell manufacturers in Indore as well as in India also.

The types of Rope tension load cells manufactured by sensotech are

    • DESB-RTM ( Single Rope)
    • DESB-RTM ( Multi Rope)
    • SESB-RTM(Single Rope)


Why we ARE the best load cell manufacturers in Indore
  • Reduced the Delivery Cost
  • Shorter Delivery time
  • High standard of safety and quality control

Reduced the Delivery Cost

Sensotech offers affordable delivery costs. Because we have manufacturing companies all over India. So it can reduce the delivery charges.

Shorter Delivery Time

Not only the delivery cost, but it also saves the delivery time also. The product will have less distance to travel and arrive more quickly because of the availability of manufactures nearby. The proper lead time also increases customer satisfaction.

High standard of safety and quality control

We put tight control over the manufacturing of the load cells. The manufacturing team of the sensotech is very efficient.

These features make our company the top tension load cells manufacturers in Indore and also in India.

To know more about the sensotech please visit our company or call us on given below Address.



Button Load Cell Suppliers in  India

Button Load Cell Suppliers in  India

In India, there are a lot of Load cell manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers. Among these Sensotech is the most popular button Load Cell Suppliers in  India and also the load cell dealers. Apart from the load cell suppliers, this is also the leading load cell manufacturers of all types of sensors in India.

Button load cells are manufactured mostly for compression and force applications. The button load cells are available in different capacities and different nominal sensitivity.

The main features of the Button load cells are
  • Low deflection and creep
  • Allow high permissible dynamic load
  • High fatigue rated
  • Impact Resistant

Sensotech manufacturers two types of button load cells. They are

  • BT-mini
  • BT-Sub mini


bt-mini-load-cell suppliers-in-india


BT mini is a compact load cell, is made up of stainless steel. This is suitable for universal applications like a special-purpose machine. The output voltage of the BT mini is 1.5mv/V and .25% variation. The capacity range is starting from 500 to 1000

BT Sub mini



BT sub-mini is an ultra-compact load cell that is used for both tension and compression mode applications. This load cell manufactured from stainless steel. This type of load cell is available in the capacity range of 50 to 250kgf. The dimension for this capacity is the same.BT sub-mini is used for Press Fit System & Special Purpose Machine

Why sensotech become the best Load Cell Suppliers in  India
  • Apart from other Load Cell Suppliers in  India, we s provide good quality loadcells with 100% maintenance support
  • We export loadcells to outside India also
  • We manufacturers custom load cells with the client requirement.
  • We provide industry-standard load cells with on-time delivery.
Applications of Button load cells
  • Spm
  • Level measurement
  • Testing measurement
  • Tanking Weighing
  • Process automation

If you like to know more about our product please visit our site sensotech or contact below address

+91 98848 69600

No. 2/675, 1st Cross Street, Ranga Reddy Garden, Neelankarai, Chennai – 600041.



S  Type Load cell Suppliers  in Chandigarh

S  Type Load cell Suppliers  in Chandigarh

Sensotech becomes one of the biggest S type load cell suppliers in Chandigarh. We are also the best and leading the load sensor dealers in Chandigarh and India also. Sensomatic, the load cell manufacturers in India is the brand promoted by Sensotech. We offer a wide range of load cells for different applications. In these  S type load cell is one of among them.

Sensotech offers S type load cells of mainly four types, they are

Features of S Type load cells

Like other load cells specifications, S  type load cells have different specifications. Some of them are given below

  • Low profile design and Excellent Overload Capability
  • Multi transducer Application
  • Low profile Design  and creep
  • Low deflection


This model is available only in the capacity range of 3.5 /5 /7 /10 / 11.5. The material used for construction is a high nickel alloy. The nominal sensitivity is 3mv/V.

The load cell dimension varies for each capacity range. For example, The dimension for 3.5 to 5 tf is different from 7tf. Like that for 10 to 11.5 tf the dimension is different.


The SB-S model is available in 50 to 150 tf,200 to 900 tf, and 1kgf to 2.5kgf. Dimension also varied according to the capacity range. The output voltage for the S type load cell model SB-S is 3mv/V.


The SB-MINI output voltage or nominal sensitivity is 3mv/V with .25% variation. The capacity range of this model is from 10kgf-100kgf.


The capacity range for SB-S(P)  from 250 kgf,350kgf & 450kgf and in 1 to 2.5tf.This also used in the high precision applications and sealed IP67 Standard load cell.

We also supply customized load cells according to the client’s requirements. So we become the topmost s type load cell suppliers in Chandigarh also the best load cell dealers in Chandigarh.

S-Type Load Cells Applications

  • Hopper scales
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Special Purpose Machine
  • Overhead
  • Hanging scales
  • Crane scales
  • Dynamometer testing machines
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Tank weighing
  • Structural performance testing
  • Material strain testing
  • Industrial control and feedback

Why we choose S  Type Load cell Suppliers  in Chandigarh 

  • We provide better Customer relationship management than other companies
  • The product dispatch and delivery is on specified time
  • Apart from the other S Type load cells suppliers in Chandigarh,sensotech provide high-quality load cells with 100% maintenance support.


If you would like to know more about S type load  cell suppliers in Chandigarh or load cell dealers in Chandigarh, please please contact:sensomaticloadcell


Load Cell Supplier In India

Load Cell Supplier In India

Sensomatic, a popular manufacturer and supplier of load cells in India is also famous in Kochi, Kerala. The organization presently takes into account the various ventures that are settled across the cityscape.

We are one of the most trusted load cell supplier in India. Our manufacturing team is well experienced and 100% dedicated. Presently we are one of the biggest sellers of load cells in India.

There are different variants of load cells are available. Sensomaticloadcell also manufactures different variants. Some of the special load cells are



Motor Bed Sensor



In the MotorBed load cell dealers in India, the best sensor is supplied by sensotech.

MotorBed Sensor is utilized beneath the engine in the lift headroom. This straightforwardly measures the load in the lift cabin. Based on the power actuated by the motor when pulling the elevator up from resting position.

Capacity Range (in tf): 2/4


Elevator Sensor


This Elevator Overload Sensor is utilized in Passenger and Goods Elevators under the cabin. This also called as  EL-C Model.

This is made of High Nickel alloy steel and designed for high impact load.

This Loadcell accompanies Anti-vibration elastic pad mounting and this gives a Dampening impact. We are also the Elevator Load Cell dealers in India and worldwide also


Crane Load Cells


We are the prominent crane load cell supplier in India. Sensotech manufactures two types of crane load cells.

  • CRN-L
  • CRN-S

This Crane Load cell is Unique Monolith development.it is also named CRN-L. Other main characteristics are self-locking insurance to forestall over-burden.

High Nickel Forged Steel is used to make this load cell. Crane load cells are tough and it is good for high-temperature applications.

The capacity range for CRN-L is 7.5 /10 /15 /20 / 30 and for CRN-S is 1 /2 /3 / 5

Shear Pin Load  Cells


The Shear pin load cell Model SHP is an exceptional direction sensitive Loadcell. It is designed to withstand High effect Loading, The Loadcell is intended for use in different crane/onboard truck gauging application.

The Load cells are manufactured from high  Nickel alloy steel and are sealed to IP68 standard.


What makes sensomatic the best load cell supplier in India
  • Sensotech provides better customer relationship management.
  • 100% customer satisfaction with our product
  • Industry-standard packing and testing before dispatch
  • We also manufacture indicators and also amplifiers
  • As a premier load cell supplier in India, we supply high precision load cells to our customers

To know more about our product, Please Contact


No. 2/675,Ranga Reddy Garden,Neelankarai,

Chennai – 600041, Tamil Nadu, India.

E-mail: sales@sensotechindia.com/sensotechindia@gmail.com

Phone no.(s): +(91) 730 571 6667, 988 486 9600, 932 427 8988, 938 056 0667, 917 367 0667, 995 202 0667

Load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad,Gujarat

Among all companies in load cell manufacturers in India, Sensomatic is one of the leading load cell manufacturers. Our company is located in Phursungi, Maharashtra established in 2004. We are the load cell Suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat also.

Products supplied by Load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad


Button Load Cells

Button force transducers are commonly known as Button Type Load cells. These are tiny load cells suitable for universal applications. Button type load cells provide high accuracy and precision in measurement. We, the load cell dealers in Ahmedabad manufacturers mainly two types of load cells. Namely

BT-MINI: This is a Compact load cell

BT-SUB MINI: Ultra-compact load cell

The features of both button load cells are the same.

  • Low Deflection and creep
  • Allow high permissible Dynamic Load
  • High Fatigue rated and Impact Resistant
Rope Tension Load Cell

This load cell is used for tension measurement in rope in cranes and mooring applications. The device is fitted after installation of the machine and is easy to handle, so it is known for it is a non-invasive method of measurement.

The capacity range is from 1 tf to 11.5 tf and mainly used for load limiting device or overload sensors. We have three products under the Rope tension load cell, they are

  • DESB-RTM ( Single Rope)
  • DESB-RTM ( Multi Rope)
  • SESB-RTM(Single Rope)

Most of the load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad are the dealers of the single rope sensors.

Features of Rope tension load cells


  • Low profile design
  • Excellent overload capability
  • Inbuilt lightning protection
  • Low deflection & Creep
  • Allows high permissible Dynamic load
Crane Load Cell


  • High Capacity Crane Load cell
  • Unique Monolith construction
  • mechanical self-locking protection to prevent overload
  • rugged & suitable for High-Temperature applications.
  • made of High Nickel Forged steel to withstand High Impact Load.
  • Capacity range is 7.5tf to 30tf

When we compared to other load cell manufacturers or Dealers in Ahmedabad and load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad,sensotech provides a wide range of collections.

The greater part of our new customers is interested to understand what makes us one of the significant load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have gathered together a couple of benchmarks that have liberally added to our success in this serious atmosphere.

As chief load cells dealers in Ahmedabad, we like to ensure that all our load cells fill in as a high exactness product till its life lifespan. That is the rest of why we test our things thoroughly prior to sending them to the stock.

In case of any details please visit our site sensomaticloadcell.



Load cell suppliers in Coimbatore

Load cell suppliers in Coimbatore

Sensotech, leading  Load cell suppliers in  Coimbatore compared to other Load cell dealers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.Sensotech manufacturer’s rich supply of load cells. We Supply load cells to marine enterprises Packing Machine, Food & Beverage Industries, and so on.

We have customers across India and worldwide too. Like other load cell dealers in Coimbatore, TamilNadu, and load cell suppliers in Coimbatore, we concentrate on quality and affordable prices.

We offer a thorough scope of pre worked rack estimation arrangements, just as a custom design and manufacturing service. Our custom-made help permits a load cell system to be planned and manufactured by our talented group to correct rules indicated by the client, while still remaining exceptionally highly competitive on cost.

What are Load Cells?

Load cells are profoundly exact trans­ducers which pro­vides the client with informa­tion not for the most part realistic by other innovation because of business fac­tors.

Load cells are intended to detect force or weight under a wide scope of adverse condi­tions. They are not just the most essen­tial part of an elec­tronic weighing system but also the most vulnerable.

To get the most bene­fit from the load cell, the client should have a thor­ough understanding of the technology, con­struction, and oper­ation of this unique gadget.

Also, it is basic that the client chooses the cor­rect load cell for the appli­cation and pro­vide the important consideration for the load cell during its lifetime. Better load cell dealers can give details according to your applications.

Our main products

Products supplied by load cell suppliers in Coimbatore

Single Point Load Cell
Single Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
Button Type Load Cell
Universal Load Cell
Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
Rope Tension Load Cell
Rocker Column
Beam Deflection Sensor
High-Speed Load Sensor
Shear Pin Load Cell
Digital Load Cell

Why buy from sensomaticloadcells? 

  • Sensotech takes the delivery of our merchandise truly. We have never neglected to make a timely shipment.
  • As a popular load cells dealers in Coimbatore and in India, we take the task of delivering our goods very seriously.
  • We have done it on-time delivery, whether it’s a small order or a bulk one.
  • As one of the prime load cell suppliers in Coimbatore, we attempt to keep advancement alive in our items by planning and leaving them as frequently as could reasonably be expected.
  • We export and supply load cells worldwide to make the best load cell suppliers in Coimbatore.

Our Load Cell Applications Include

  • Filling Machine
  • Material Testing
  • Packing Machine
  • Press Fit Machine
  • SPM & UTM Machine
  • Spring Testing Machine
  • Food & Beverage Industries
  • Pallet Scale
  • Robotics
  • Silo Weighing System
  • Tank Weighing System
  • Tower Testing

There are a lot of load cell applications are there. To know more about the applications visit sensotech.

To make your selection and choose the best fit loadcell for your application, please go with top load cell suppliers in Coimbatore or best load cell dealers in Coimbatore. If you need any help, please contact us.


For more details load cell dealers in Coimbatore, please contact

Load  Cell Suppliers in Delhi

Load  Cell Suppliers in Delhi


Sensomatic brings to you a wide scope of load cells and sensors, all intended to perform ideally and correctly. Evaluated insignificantly, our items are formed for application in a wide range of industries. Presently one of the top load cell suppliers in Delhi, we are known for our thoroughly tested items, normalized packaging, and quality cells.

One of the significant organizations in this industry, our organization has a large number of favorable circumstances to offer our clients. It is attributable to these features that today, Sensomatic is one of the main load cell dealers in Delhi.  what reason you’d need to purchase your transducers from us.


We Manufacture a wide range of load sensors and transducers, Our main product is load cells.

Since load cell is our primary focus, we become the leading load cell suppliers in Delhi

Advantages of Load cells

  • High precision measurement
  • Quick result
  • More affordable price than another type of sensors
  • Easy to handle
  • Higher life span

We have customers from all industries, Some of them are

Load cell working

A load cell works by changing over mechanical power into advanced qualities that the client can read and record. The inward working of a load cell differs dependent on the load cell that you select.

There are mainly various types of load cells, some of them are hydraulic, pneumatic, and strain gauge load cells.

The Highlights of Sensomatic Load cell suppliers in Delhi

  • As one of the top load cell suppliers in Delhi, we supply load cells to the external outskirts also.
  • Our load cells remain on three characteristics, high precision, reliability, and versatility.
  • Our products are delivered at the time
  • Being a load cell manufacturer in Delhi, we offer our service outside India.





Load cell suppliers in hyderabad



Sensotech, one of the best Load cell suppliers in Hyderabad, Telangana.Sensotech manufacturer rich collection of a variety of load cells. We Supply load cells to marine industries textile industries, aircraft industries, etc.

We have clients across India and worldwide also. Like other load cell manufacturers in Hyderabad, Telangana, and load cell suppliers in Hyderabad, we focus on quality and affordable cost.

Most of the clients preferred load cells with good quality, better performance, and lower prices.

Sensotech also provides good service maintenance and better customer care support. So we become one of the best Load cell suppliers in Hyderabad and also load cell manufacturers in Hyderabad.  Our premium load cells are S-type load cells,single-ended beam load cells, universal load cells, etc.

Beyond these types of load cells, we have customized products also. We manufacturer the custom products on the client’s requirements. Custom products are highly accurate and also on-time delivery.

In short Load, cells become necessary in all fields of industrial and commercial applications. So the requirement of the load cells is increasing daily.


Why sensotech become Load cell suppliers in Hyderabad?

The highest quality Load cells come from the top load cell manufacturers.

Sensotech manufacture sensors such as load cells and indicators for applications ranging from low capacity scale to large capacity industrial equipment. Some of the load cells are given.

Take a look at the details of our products

Types of load cells

Most importantly, Sensotech providing ultra-precision load cells and applications from low-capacity scales to large capacity industrial equipment.

Here we explain some of our load cells


This is ultra accuracy load cell with a high fatigue rating and withstands impact load. The Universal sensors are manufactured from high nickel alloy steel. This load cell is used in both Compression and Tension mode and suitable for Dynamic Applications.

These sensors are sealed with IP68 standard. Sensotech, the load cell manufacturers in hyderbad, Telangana manufacturers different types of universal load cells. Models are

    • UNV
    • SB-S
    •  SB
    • CMP-CC

Digital Load cells

Features of Digital load cell

    • In-built Lightning Protection Circuit
    • available in Stainless Steel Version also.
    • offers high Impact resistance
    • in-built mechanical anti-rotation protection
    • controlled floatation of the deck & eliminates sideload.
    • offer greater stability.

Different models are available


Due to the load cells’ high design & versatility, it is used for Weighbridge Installation. Another functionality is to compensate for errors with 10 point linearization.


This sensor is a Rocker Column type Loadcell, with no welded cover & is of monolith Construction. This is also available in Stainless Steel. The main feature is an In-built Lightning Protection Circuit & sealed to IP68 standard.


The load cell suppliers in Hyderabad, Telangana widely supply these load cells. Due to its functionality and features. This load cell widely used Loadcell Model used across the globe because of the Uni-Link assembly.


It is available in stainless steel also. It is widely used in static and dynamic applications.


  • Pit & Pitless weighbridge
  • Tank & Hopper Weighing
  • Truck / in-motion weighing
  • Furnace Weighing


For example

    • POULTRY equipment
    • AVIATION and more applications.

The main advantages of sensomatic load cells  are

    • Easy to install
    • Good insulation properties
    • Advanced input
    • Output resistance features
    • Precise design
    • Cost-effectiveness.

Above all accuracy is also an important advantage of our sensors. Choose the best products from the leading load cell suppliers in Hyderabad & load cell manufacturers in Hyderabad.


For more details, please contact

Load cell manufacturers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

Load cell manufacturers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh



Sensomatic, as several other load cell manufacturers in Vizag, has come this far adjusting to two of its needs, quality products, and good service. Here is the reason you need to purchase your transducers from us rather than other load cell suppliers in Vizag:

We have on our index some fascinating assortment of sensors and modules that solitary the most powerful load cell manufacturers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh has added to their collection.

Past that, we have a wide choice of load cells that coordinate with just a modest bunch of other industry driving load cell suppliers in Vizag. While you are here, take a look at our load cells.

As one of the leading  Load cell suppliers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, we offer a warranty on all our products and good maintenance support.

Load cells are transducers that are planned as estimating devices. They check and monitor the force of pressure, tension, and shear by converting mechanical power into measuring electrical signals.

Frequently, you’ll hear the expression “load cell” utilized interchangeably with “transducer,” “load sensors,” “sensor” or “measure.”


Among the all load cell manufacturers in Vizag(Visakhapatnam), Sensotech is the best load cell suppliers and dealers in Vizag.

Here are some types of load cells by Load cell manufacturers in Vizag


Single-Ended Shear Beam

Two models of single-ended shear beam load cells like SESB-1 and SESB-2 are present in sensotech. The load cell suppliers & dealers in Vizag supply load cells all over India and also worldwide. The main features of these load cell are

  • Robust in construction
  • Suitable for harsh Industrial application
  • Withstand impact load.
  • The load cell is constructed from High Nickel Alloy Steel 
Button Type Load Cell

Two types are there

  • Compact Loadcell
  • Suitable for Universal application
  •  Available only in Stainless Steel Version
  • Suitable for Press Fit System & Special Purpose Machine.
  • Capacity range is 500 kgf
BT-Sub mini
  • Ultra-Compact Loadcell
  • Same features of BT-mini
  • Capacity range is 100 kgf & 200 kgf
Rope Tension Load Cell

Rope Tension Load cell ideal for tension measurement in rope used in Cranes & other Mooring Application. The load cell is used as a Load Limiting Device / Overload Sensor. Three types of rope tension load cells are available, they are DESB-RTM ( Single Rope), DESB- 

Rocker Column

The unique mounting cups combined with an optimal radius of Loadcell provides this rocker assembly Load cell with accurate results and is easier to Install. Two types

  • CMP
  • CMP-SP

We,  Load cell manufacturers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, and the Load cell suppliers & dealers in Vizag have these kinds of load cells.

Features of these  types of load cells
    • Unique construction in design
    • Made from high nickel alloy steel.
    • Allows angular loading without affecting the accuracy
    • Sealed to IP68 standard.

For example, sensors and gauges are a part of load cells. Yet, sensors are a type of transducer as well. You can see where the confusion comes in! So, while it is appropriate to call load cells and sensors both “transducers,” it’s less appropriate to call sensors and gauges “load cells.”

Nevertheless, be prepared to see them used this way, and if you are confused, never hesitate to ask for clarification.

This technology is commonly employed for mechanical and industrial testing, ongoing system load monitoring, as components in devices like industrial scales and other areas of the manufacturing, processing, and testing industries.

Load cells, as well as pressure sensors and gauges, have a wide variety of specific applications. The Chave produced different types of load cells according to the client requirements. For example, warehouse workers use load cells to determine the exact weight of loaded pallets.

In food processing, load cells and pressure sensors give a precise ingredient measurement and distribute them accordingly during packaging. They are all dependent on Load cell manufacturers in Vizag or otherwise load cell suppliers or dealers in Vizag or in India.


Other applications include calibration systems, fatigue testing in research and development laboratories, push-pull testing and flow measurement, bridge beam tension strength testing, railcar weighing scales, and truck scales.


To know more about the Sensotech, Load cell manufacturers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh visit here sensomaticloadcell.