Best Load cell manufacturers in india

Top Load cell manufacturers in India


Sensomatic promoted by Senso tech,  Incorporated in 2004, at Chennai. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company and also Certified by UKAS & SGS. Sensotech is located at Ranga Reddy Garden,neelangarai, Chennai, the load cell manufactures in India.

We are renowned for the most leading load cell manufacturers in India. Our company Is known for providing high-quality products and also offers excellent maintenance service after-sales.

We are the manufacturer, exporters, dealers, and suppliers of a wide range of sensors. We had a team of qualified and experienced technical experts who manufactures the load cells. The quality of load cells is the main backbone of sensotech over the years.

Types of load cells manufactured  by sensomatic the leading load cell suppliers in india


Here we explain our two types of load cells. Sensomaticloadcells are become one of the best load cell manufacturers in India and also the top load cell suppliers in India.

Aluminum Load cell

Sensomatic manufacturers aluminum load cells types

  • ASP-TT

Low profile single point load cell designed for Retail scales & other R&D applications. ts capacity range starts from 3 kgf to 80 kgf.

  • ASP-JL

This is a high Accuracy load cell used for  Laboratory scales & High Precision Scales. Its capacity is 300/600 gram(in kgf)

  • ASL

This is a high capacity load cell for Platform Scales / Over Head Track Scale Special application. This Loadcell is available in a range of 50 kgf & 100 Kgf

Single Point Load cell


This is a low profile load cell used for commercial & Platform scale applications.It is available from 50 kgf to 400 kgf.


This load cell is made from high-quality alloy steel and ENP plated to protect against rust and is sealed to IP67 standard.Its capacity range is from 100 kgf to 1000 kgf.


This is used for large platform scales & Concrete batching machine and it is manufactured from High Nickel Alloy Steel. It Is available in 1500 kgf & 2000 kgf


This  is a low profile, off-center load cell designed for use in doctor scale
It is available in the Capacity Range  of  300 kgf


This Load cell is commonly used for  Packing & Vending Machine where Precision & Durability is the prime requirement due to dynamic operation.Its capacity range is from 10kgf to 80kgf.

Why sensotech is the best load cell suppliers in India?

    • -Good quality product and on-time delivery
    • Global service
    • We also manufacturers custom products with the client request
    • Currently, Sensotech becomes the top load cell manufacturers in India due to our high precision load cell
    • We supply load cells to a variety of applications includes health care, Factory Automation, etc
    • Innovative ideas, Quality, and reliability are the main features of sensomaticloadcell

While load cells are incredibly valuable and complex, they are additionally weak mechanical segments. So that can be compromised without appropriate support and care.

The main components in an effective weighing system are the best possible choice of weighing materials, initial installation, and reliable maintenance or calibration. Therefore choosing load cells is also an important factor for the weighing scales. There are a lot of load cell suppliers and manufacturers in India.

So better to choose the best load cell manufacturers in India

A quality load cell suppliers in India can help you in settling on the most ideal decisions as far as load cell selection and use.

Despite the fact that the benefits of load cells exceed their inclination to cost more straightforward. It is as yet essential to locate an accomplished and responsive load cell manufacturers in India who will empower you to maximize your weighing scale investment.

Similarly, as with any industry, it is judicious to learn required principles and the adherence of providers to those norms.

In conclusion, There are numerous load cell manufacturers in India. Sensotech is a unique company that provides quality products & service and also maintain a good relationship with the customers.

For more queries call  +91 98848 69600





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Best Load cell manufacturers in pune


Sensomatic, one of the biggest load cell manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra brings to you a variety of transducers and sensors.

Due to high-accuracy execution, our load cells is outstanding amongst others in the current market. Therefore  Sensomatic has become one of the top load cell suppliers in Pune.

There are a lot of load cell manufacturers in Pune. Amongst, Sensomatic is the best and leading load cell manufactures in Pune, India.

We supply a wide variety of load cells for all types of industries including oil and gas, marine, health care, etc. Sensotech, incorporated by sensomatic manufacturers customized load cells as per the request of customers also.

Why Sensotech or sensomaticloadcell become the best load cell manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra?

  • We offer a guarantee on our items to ensure that your venture is defended for a sensibly long stretch of time.
  • Sensomatic load cells are intended to perform with high precision.
  • Our delivery service is consistently on schedule for all nearby, national and abroad addresses.
  • Our Service is global, we are one of the top load cell suppliers to foreign countries also
  • As one of the major load cell suppliers in Pune Maharashtra, our conveyance record is immaculate.
  • All our products arrive at our clients in better conditions at the briefest time.

Sensomatic Load Cell Types

These are some types of load cells we manufacture. Take a look at it and view more please visit the page

Our load cells are made with the most elevated attention at all stages. Regardless of whether it is through the designing stage, or through several tests run every day, we guarantee that our items eclipse all competitor items.

That is the reason prominent clients trust us with their business. Discover why we have a significant effect by reaching us today and also become one of the top load cell suppliers in Pune.

Sensotech is not only the load cell suppliers and dealers in Pune but also offering mounting accessories, digital indicators for load cells, and load cell accessories.

Most of the load cell manufacturers in Pune do not supply the other accessories but the sensomatic load cells have the advantage of these. We are listed in different industrial directories, to see click here.

In addition to these types of load cells, customized load cells are also manufactured according to the client’s needs.

To conclude, the best load cells can give the best results for your business. So choose the best load cell manufacturers in Pune and dealers for your company.

By these factors sensotech become the top load cell suppliers and dealers in Pune. Our main features are 

    • Good customer relation management
    • on-time delivery
    • Good products and also the best maintenance support
    • Customized products with the client requirements
    • We ensure every item is really truly cost-effective.

The load cell suppliers in Pune distribute load cells for different types of applications like Material testing, farm equipment, gym equipment, health kiosk, etc. The load cell manufacturers in Pune and load cell suppliers in Pune are highly competitive with each other.

Most of the load cell suppliers in Pune will supply load cell to limited applications, but sensomaticloadcells is different from that. So,sensotech becomes the leading load cell manufactures, supplier, and dealer in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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Load cells-Frequently Asked Questions


load-cells1. What is Load Cell?

The load transducers that convert force s like tension, pressure, compression, etc into electrical signals are known as load transducers.

2.  What are the types of load cells?

The main classifications of load cell are

    • Hydraulic load cell
    • Strain Gauge load cell
    • Pneumatic load cell
    • Capacitance load cell

3.Explain the strain gauge load cells types?

There are different types of strain gauge load cells for different applications. Each has different characteristics and functionalities. some example of strain gauges are

    • Aluminum Load cell
    • Single Point Load cell
    • Shear Beam Load cell
    • compression load cell
    • Button Load cell
      S Type Load cell
    • Bending Beam Load cell

4. What are the main applications of Load cell?

Load cells are used in the almost all applications like weighing and industrial applications for measuring the force and load. Take a look into some of the applications

    • Health care
    • Automotive
    • Food and pharmacy
    • Aerospace
    • Textile and paper
    • Chemical industries
    • Road and rail bridge, View more applications click here

5. What is the purpose of the load cell?


The main purpose is to measure the weight So most of the applications use weighing scales. The main feature of the load cell is a high accuracy, Highly precise, Easy maintenance, easy processing, and calculation, etc.


6. Different types of load cells by sensotech?

To see more  visit

7.What is the principle of electrical strain gauge load cells?


Electrical strain gauges depend on the guideline of change of the electrical resistance because of the change in the length of the metal utilized in the strain gauge. The equation for the resistance of a strain gauge metal is:

R = ρ L/A

Where ρ = resistivity

A = Cross-sectional area

L = Length

8.What about the capacity of load cell?

It depends upon the type of load cell used. Sensotech loadcell capacity starts from 600gms, which was used for jewelry applications (Asp-JL) and maximum in Universal load cell(UNV-C).

Sensotech is one of the leading load cell manufacturers in India. We supply to all over and India and foreign countries also.

9.What are the classification of load cell according to types of the output signal?

  • Strain gauge load cell
  • Pneumatic load cell
  • Hydraulic load cell


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Top Load Cell Manufacturers in Chennai & Bangalore

Best Load Cell Manufacturers in Chennai & Bangalore-2020

Sensotech incorporated by Sensomatic one of the top load cell manufacturers in Chennai & Bangalore, and almost all cities of India. We design manufacturers all types of load cell and also the customized product for our clients.

Our products are high-quality products are one of the largest load-cell manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in India. We are the leading load cell suppliers and dealers of the aluminum load cell, Shear beam load cell, compression load cell, etc

A fundamental load cell comprises a central spring component that goes about as the receptor of the mechanical info conferred by the heap. The surrounding four strain gauges respond to this distortion and complete the Wheatstone connect setup that transfers the amassed data as electric signs.

This data is then translated by the gadget and the eventual outcome is given to us. Unnecessary to specify, the pressure is the mechanical info that the gadget utilizes to trigger the whole cycle.

Realizing how instrument functions can be of extraordinary help with choosing our requirement for it. Coming up next are several assortments offered by the load cell manufacturers in Chennai & Bangalore.

Observe their working, and choose for yourself with respect to which variation of the gadget are you in the need of. 

Here are some  Products supplied by load cell manufacturers in Chennai & Bangalore

The BBM Bending Beam Load Cells are sensors that are mostly used in high precision applications like weighing technology. These are manufactured from alloy steel, nickel-plated, and their main characteristics are high accuracy and linearity. The capacity range is from 20kgf to 70kgf.

The Compression load cell Model CMP  is made from High Nickle alloy steel. The Loadcell is suitable for robust design & it is a monolith construction. The Load cell is sealed to IP68 standard. Due to its unique design, the Load cells provides accurate results and is easier to Install.

This Low Profile Double Ended Shear Beam load cells is made from high nickel alloy steel. It is constructed with In-built Lightning Protection is versatile for use in both Dynamic & static applications. The load cell is not affected by lateral loads and it is IP68 standard

S Type load cell is constructed from high nickel alloy steel. This Load cells is a compact load cell designed for High Precision Weight and Force measurement applications. These load cells are sealed to IP67 Standard and this is called  Universal Load Cell.

Advantage of sensotech with other load  cell manufacturers in Chennai
    • 100% customer relation, range management guaranteed
    • On-time dispatch and delivery of the product
    • Affordable price and best product in the market
    • Better service and maintenance support when compared to other load cell manufacturers in Chennai

By this sensotech become the to load cell manufactures in Chennai & Bangalore  in 2020

These transducers are the most ideal instruments for weighing huge loads in an assortment of enterprises. The device’s appeal lies in its exact results and the way that they come in plenty of variations.

Every variation proves to be useful for the weighing of an alternate sort of load. Despite the fact that the essential behind every classification of the load cells is unique. The basic standards are the equivalent for every one of these gadgets.

That is, the utilization of physical force, similar to pressure, strain, pressure, and so forth, prompts the creation and move of an electric sign that shows the heaviness of the load.

The precision of the scales is of the most extreme significance. It may, as a defective gauging system would make certain to influence the benefits of the client unfavorably.

Sensotech is a leading load cell manufacturer and supplier in Chennai & Bangalore demonstrated steady growth known to have a solid reputation in India and overseas markets.

Moreover, Sensotech becomes the best load cell supplier and dealer in Chennai and also the top load cell manufacturers in Chennai & Bangalore. So if you are looking to find the best load cells, do get in touch with


Loadcell -Types

Types of Load Cells

Sensotech is the manufacturers of Strain Gauge Load Cells. Strain gauge load cells are mainly used for the weighing applications like farm types of equipment, Hospital Bed Weighing Scale, Bridge & Infrastructure, Trolley Weighing System, etc.

The different load cells are used for different applications. Here, take a look into the types of load cells.

Aluminum Load cell



This type of load cell is constructed from Aircraft Alloy. This offers the best linearity And performance with negligible creep effect. The load cell is designed to offer high precision output

Single Point Load Cell



Single Point Load Cell is known as platform Load cells. The main features of single point load cells are high accuracy and reliability. This type of load cell is using in many applications but commonly used for small to medium scales.

Like other types of load cells, these are transducers that convert power or weight into an electrical sign. 

According to the under load, the state of the load cell twists slightly. This change is identified by the strain gauges which misshape as one with the body, bringing about a voltage difference.

This voltage signal is directly proportional to the initial power or weight and can thus be able to be used to compute it.

Bending Beam Load Cells



Bending Beam load cells are commonly known as bellow beam load cells.

These load cells are manufactured using alloy nickel-plated and the main features are high accuracy and linearity. The bending beam has a metal spring that is elastically deformed under the load. After removing the load the spring element changed into its normal shape.

S-type Load cell



The S-type load cell is made of high alloy nickel steel and sealed to IP67 Standard load cell. This is a Universal Load Cells-Type load cell additionally allude to as pillar cells, they are using for health instruments, like, machines to lift patients, suspended tank, etc.

S-type load cells get their name from their shape which is the shape of the letter “S”. The S type beam is commonly using in tension and compression applications where you will encounter static and dynamic loads.

Applications of S Type  load cells

    • Hybrid scales
    • Silo scales
    • Crane scales
    • Tank weighing.
    • Hanging container scales

Compression load cell



In the scope of mechanical and technical applications compression load cell is commonly using.

A compression load cell habitually includes a low profile button or circular about the plan. That works amazingly in conditions where both sidelong and overhead space is limited. This load cell working principle is based on the concept of compression and relaxation.

Similarly, there are a lot of load cells are available to depend upon the applications. In short, different types of load cells have different advantages and different applications. Therefore users can effectively use depends upon on their own applications.

Sensomatic offered a wide range of various types of load cells and also custom load cells are also available here. Sensomatic promoted by Sensotech is one of the best load cell manufacturers in India.

To know more about our different types of load cells visit

Contact Address :

+91 98848 69600

No. 2/675, 1st Cross Street, Ranga Reddy Garden, Neelankarai, Chennai – 600041.






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Load Cell

What is Load Cell?

The load cell is a force transducer that converts the force into electrical parameters. The main categories are

        • Pneumatic
        • Hydraulic
        • Strain gauge
        • Capacitance

Pneumatic: The pneumatic load cells is used in the force-balance principle. This principle is a force is applied to one side of a diaphragm and an air pressure is applied to the other side.

Hydraulic: When a force is applied on a fluid medium contained in a bound space, the pressure of the fluid increments. This expansion in the pressure of the fluid is relative to the applied power. Henceforth a measure of the pressure in the weight of the fluid turns into a proportion of the applied power when adjusted.

Strain gauge: This load cells converts the load acting on them into electrical signals.  Strain gauge load cells are widely using load cells for different applications.

Types of strain gauge load cells

Based on the configuration of the number of active elements in the Wheatstone bridge

There are mainly 3 categories

      • Quarter
      • Half
      • Full Bridge

The force-balance principle utilizes additionally in pneumatic load cells. The shape is directly proportional to the electrical resistance. The main advantage of these load cells is versatile, high accurate, and cost-effective.

They add all temperatures and conditions, and since it’s not a mechanism, if the chamber ruptures no fluids will leak to contaminate the actual environment. to work effectively, pneumatic load cell require clean, dry, regulated air or nitrogen.


Common types of load cell

Load cell are classified on the basis of load detection, precision, and also the general purpose. These are different  types of load cells:

      • Bending beam: To monitor force  act on the sensing element when the spring element  causes elastic deformation
      • Load Button: When the load is placing in one single point or button.
      • Single Point Load Cell: most common applications from small to medium loads.
      • Pancake: Both tension or compression measurements single point shear beam: Low capacity compact weighing systems up to about 5 tons
      • Double-ended shear beam: spring element fixed at both ends and loaded in the center.
      • S-type: used for general purpose measurements like both compression and tension.
      • Miniature: This type is fit for the applications where less space and capacity load cell

To see more load cells click here


Advantages of Load cell:


      • Inherently explosion-proof
      • Insensitive to temperature variations
      • They don’t contain fluids, therefore, there’s no possibility of contamination of the method if the diaphragm breaks.
      • Less expensive so mostly utilized in the industry

Load cell are often required for varied load-bearing applications, both for ensuring the safety of individuals & the environment and for maintaining structural integrity. Other applications like Food & Beverage Industries, Sensor for Robotic Surgery, Food & Beverage Industries, Bridge & Dam Structure Stress Monitoring, etc. To know more about the top & best load cell manufacturers in India visit We supply all types of loadcells such as aluminum load cell, s-type, shear beam load cell, universal, etc, and also custom products are also available.