Best Load cell manufacturers in india

Top Load cell manufacturers in India


Sensomatic promoted by Sensotech,  Incorporated in 2004, at Chennai. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company and also Certified by UKAS & SGS. Sensotech is located at Ranga Reddy Garden,neelangarai, Chennai, the load cell manufactures in India.

We are renowned for the most leading load cell manufacturers in India. Our company Is known for providing high-quality products and also offers excellent maintenance service after-sales.

We are the manufacturer, exporters, dealers, and suppliers of a wide range of sensors. We had a team of qualified and experienced technical experts who manufactures the load cells. The quality of load cells is the main backbone of sensotech over the years.

Types of load cells manufactured  by sensomatic the leading load cell suppliers in india


Here we explain our two types of load cells. Sensomaticloadcells are become one of the best load cell manufacturers in India and also the top load cell suppliers in India.

Aluminum Load cell

Sensomatic manufacturers aluminum load cells types

  • ASP-TT

Low profile single point load cell designed for Retail scales & other R&D applications. ts capacity range starts from 3 kgf to 80 kgf.

  • ASP-JL

This is a high Accuracy load cell used for  Laboratory scales & High Precision Scales. Its capacity is 300/600 gram(in kgf)

  • ASL

This is a high capacity load cell for Platform Scales / Over Head Track Scale Special application. This Loadcell is available in a range of 50 kgf & 100 Kgf

Single Point Load cell


This is a low profile load cell used for commercial & Platform scale applications.It is available from 50 kgf to 400 kgf.


This load cell is made from high-quality alloy steel and ENP plated to protect against rust and is sealed to IP67 standard.Its capacity range is from 100 kgf to 1000 kgf.


This is used for large platform scales & Concrete batching machine and it is manufactured from High Nickel Alloy Steel. It Is available in 1500 kgf & 2000 kgf


This  is a low profile, off-center load cell designed for use in doctor scale
It is available in the Capacity Range  of  300 kgf


This Load cell is commonly used for  Packing & Vending Machine where Precision & Durability is the prime requirement due to dynamic operation.Its capacity range is from 10kgf to 80kgf.

Why sensotech is the best load cell suppliers in India?

    • -Good quality product and on-time delivery
    • Global service
    • We also manufacturers custom products with the client request
    • Currently, Sensotech becomes the top load cell manufacturers in India due to our high precision load cell
    • We supply load cells to a variety of applications includes health care, Factory Automation, etc
    • Innovative ideas, Quality, and reliability are the main features of sensomaticloadcell

While load cells are incredibly valuable and complex, they are additionally weak mechanical segments. So that can be compromised without appropriate support and care.

The main components in an effective weighing system are the best possible choice of weighing materials, initial installation, and reliable maintenance or calibration. Therefore choosing load cells is also an important factor for the weighing scales. There are a lot of load cell suppliers and manufacturers in India.

So better to choose the best load cell manufacturers in India

A quality load cell suppliers in India can help you in settling on the most ideal decisions as far as load cell selection and use.

Despite the fact that the benefits of load cells exceed their inclination to cost more straightforward. It is as yet essential to locate an accomplished and responsive load cell manufacturers in India who will empower you to maximize your weighing scale investment.

Similarly, as with any industry, it is judicious to learn required principles and the adherence of providers to those norms.

In conclusion, There are numerous load cell manufacturers in India. Sensotech is a unique company that provides quality products & service and also maintain a good relationship with the customers.

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