Load Cell Supplier In India

Load Cell Supplier In India

Sensomatic, a popular manufacturer and supplier of load cells in India is also a famous load cell dealer across India. The organization presently takes into account the various ventures that are settled across the cityscape.

We are one of the most trusted load cell suppliers in India. Our manufacturing team is well experienced and 100% dedicated. Presently we are one of the biggest sellers of load cells in India.

There are different variants of load cells are available. Sensomaticloadcell also manufactures different variants. Some of the special load cells are



Motor Bed Sensor



In the MotorBed load cell dealers in India, the best sensor is supplied by sensotech.

MotorBed Sensor is utilized beneath the engine in the lift headroom. This straightforwardly measures the load in the lift cabin. Based on the power actuated by the motor when pulling the elevator up from resting position.

Capacity Range (in tf): 2/4


Elevator Sensor


This Elevator Overload Sensor is utilized in Passenger and Goods Elevators under the cabin. This also called as  EL-C Model.

This is made of High Nickel alloy steel and designed for high impact load.

This Loadcell accompanies Anti-vibration elastic pad mounting and this gives a Dampening impact. We are also the Elevator Load Cell dealers in India and worldwide also


Crane Load Cells


We are the prominent crane load cell supplier in India. Sensotech manufactures two types of crane load cells.

  • CRN-L
  • CRN-S

This Crane Load cell is Unique Monolith development.it is also named CRN-L. Other main characteristics are self-locking insurance to forestall over-burden.

High Nickel Forged Steel is used to make this load cell. Crane load cells are tough and it is good for high-temperature applications.

The capacity range for CRN-L is 7.5 /10 /15 /20 / 30 and for CRN-S is 1 /2 /3 / 5

Shear Pin Load  Cells


The Shear pin load cell Model SHP is an exceptional direction sensitive Loadcell. It is designed to withstand High effect Loading, The Loadcell is intended for use in different crane/onboard truck gauging application.

The Load cells are manufactured from high  Nickel alloy steel and are sealed to IP68 standard.


What makes sensomatic the best load cell supplier in India
  • Sensotech provides better customer relationship management.
  • 100% customer satisfaction with our product
  • Industry-standard packing and testing before dispatch
  • We also manufacture indicators and also amplifiers
  • As a premier load cell supplier in India, we supply high precision load cells to our customers

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