Load cell suppliers & Dealers in Ahmedabad

Load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad,Gujarat

Among all companies in load cell manufacturers in India, Sensomatic is one of the leading load cell manufacturers. Our company is located in Phursungi, Maharashtra established in 2004. We are the load cell Suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat also.

Products supplied by Load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad


Button Load Cells

Button force transducers are commonly known as Button Type Load cells. These are tiny load cells suitable for universal applications. Button type load cells provide high accuracy and precision in measurement. We, the load cell dealers in Ahmedabad manufacturers mainly two types of load cells. Namely

BT-MINI: This is a Compact load cell

BT-SUB MINI: Ultra-compact load cell

The features of both button load cells are the same.

  • Low Deflection and creep
  • Allow high permissible Dynamic Load
  • High Fatigue rated and Impact Resistant
Rope Tension Load Cell

This load cell is used for tension measurement in rope in cranes and mooring applications. The device is fitted after installation of the machine and is easy to handle, so it is known for it is a non-invasive method of measurement.

The capacity range is from 1 tf to 11.5 tf and mainly used for load limiting device or overload sensors. We have three products under the Rope tension load cell, they are

  • DESB-RTM ( Single Rope)
  • DESB-RTM ( Multi Rope)
  • SESB-RTM(Single Rope)

Most of the load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad are the dealers of the single rope sensors.

Features of Rope tension load cells


  • Low profile design
  • Excellent overload capability
  • Inbuilt lightning protection
  • Low deflection & Creep
  • Allows high permissible Dynamic load
Crane Load Cell


  • High Capacity Crane Load cell
  • Unique Monolith construction
  • mechanical self-locking protection to prevent overload
  • rugged & suitable for High-Temperature applications.
  • made of High Nickel Forged steel to withstand High Impact Load.
  • Capacity range is 7.5tf to 30tf

When we compared to other load cell manufacturers or Dealers in Ahmedabad and load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad,sensotech provides a wide range of collections.

The greater part of our new customers is interested to understand what makes us one of the significant load cell suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have gathered together a couple of benchmarks that have liberally added to our success in this serious atmosphere.

As chief load cells dealers in Ahmedabad, we like to ensure that all our load cells fill in as a high exactness product till its life lifespan. That is the rest of why we test our things thoroughly prior to sending them to the stock.

In case of any details please visit our site sensomaticloadcell.



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