Digital Load Cell Suppliers & Dealers in Jharkhand

 Digital Load Cell Suppliers in Jharkhand


Load cells are one of the main instrument used in all day today applications. So the load cell manufacturing grows as much as before. In India, there are a lot of load cell suppliers and manufacturers. But we are not much sure about the quality and cost of the product they were given. Now we are going to discuss the load cell suppliers in Jharkhand and dealers of Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Sensotech one of the leading load cell suppliers in the Jharkhand and also in India. We are providing the Digital load cells of different types. They are


DESB-BL is a widely accepted Model for Weighbridge Installation. This load cell is manufactured in stainless steel also.

We manufacture the DESB-B load cell with a capacity range of 10 tf to40 tf. The excitation voltage is 3 & ±0.25%.


CMP is a Rocker Column type load cell, has an inbuilt lightning protection circuit. This type is also available in the stainless steel version also. The main feature is high impact resistance due to its monolith construction.

The capacity range of these load cells starting from 20tf to 40tf and the minimal sensitivity is 3mv/v and the variation is ±0.25%.


DESB-S is one of the best and widely used load cells all over the world. These load cells offer greater stability because of monolith construction. The Unilink assembly provides controlled floatation of the deck and this will eliminate sideload.

The capacity range is from  4.5tf to 20  tf and the nominal sensitivity is 3 and ±0.25% variation


The capacity range is  22.5 tf to 100 tf and the nominal sensitivity is 3mv/v and the variation is ±0.25%.

Reasons why we choose Load Cell Suppliers in Jharkhand
  • Inbuilt lightning protection
  • Low deflection and creep
  • Excellent overload capacity
  • Standardized output for multi transducers application
  • Supplied with complete mounting accessories
  • Monolith Design &self-aligning
  • Supplied with complete mounting accessories

So these are the reasons why all are using sensotech as their choice for load cells and it becomes the best Load Cell Suppliers in Jharkhand. For more details,  Email Us  call us at   +91 98848 69600 



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