Tension Load Cell suppliers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Tension compression load cell suppliers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


Tension load cells are usually known as compression load cells. These are best for applications like the load cells might go from tension to compression, vice versa. And not other load cells, they measure pressure, anyway the use of these load cells is different from that of other load cells.

The transducer appears as a cylinder and is regularly introduced as a moving segment for explicit gear. It measures the amount of pressure being applied to the outside of the transducer casing.

The Tension and pressure readings are estimated and the machine can be adjusted accordingly. There are a lot of load cell manufacturers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh sensomatic load cell is one among them.

Sensotech is integrated with sensomatic load cells become one of the highest load cell suppliers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and also the dealers too.


    • Crane and hoist weighing
    • Overload protection for crane
    • Tank weighing
    • Tensile strength measurement
    • Towing loads and cable forces
    • Mooring strength
    • Hanging scales


    • Easy to install
    • Sealed against dust and water
    • Highly accurate
    • Extremely durable
    • Calibrated to National Standards

They are very appropriate for environments that restrict space, and their threaded ends permit for convenient installation. These are flexible with a low profile and welded stainless steel pattern. They are precise in estimating compression and tension force.

These sorts of load cells, particularly those that have male thread stud associations for load connection, are intended to collect force and compression data under harsh conditions.

These load cells have an internal design plan that takes into consideration superior long-term stability and significantly diminishes the impacts of little small-axis loads. These are highly precise and leave a little impression.


    • Easy installation
    • High accuracy and Reliability
    • High side load reduction
    • Better sealing and protection
    • Small and Inexpensive.

Sensotech manufactures and supplies the Tension load cells all over India and also exports all over the countries abroad. We are one of the leading load cell suppliers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh also.

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