load cell suppliers & dealers in kochi

Load cell suppliers  in Kochi

There are a lot of load cell manufacturers in India and also in Kochi, Kerala. The most important characteristic of sensotech, incorporated with sensomatic is providing the best products to the customers. On-time delivery,100% customer support makes sensotech the best load cell suppliers in Kochi. Thus sensomatic load cells become the best in industry.


Features of sensomatic load cells, the load cell suppliers in Kochi, Kerala


  • Customized load cells at a reasonable price.
  • Low deflection and creep
  • High precision load cells with Excellent overload capacity
  • Minimal delivery time
  • Efficient manufacturing team
Our load cell catalogs

Sensomatic manufacturers different types of load cells. We supply load cells to all over India and abroad also. so sensotech become the top load cell supplier in Kochi and also in India. some of them are given below.

The BBM Bending Beam Load Cells are of two types. They are BBM, BBM-L. It is used in High Precision Applications like in the field of weighing technology. The load cells are manufactured from alloy steel, nickel-plated. High accuracy and linearity are characteristics of these load cells.

Capacity Range (in kgf): 20/30/40/50/70 kgf

This type of load cell is used below the motor. The capacity ranging from 2000 kgf to 4000kgf.

This load cell is used in Passenger Elevators under the cabin. High Nickel alloy steel is used for made it & it is designed for high impact load. The capacity range is  450 kgf.

This  Model EL-C is used in Passenger & Goods Elevators under the cabin. This Loadcell comes with an Anti-vibration rubber pad mounting. The capacity range is 800kgf.

TSN,SB-S,SB,SHP,UNV,CMP-CC,BT-mini are the different tension load cell manufactured by sensomatic.The main feature of these tension load cells is standardized output for multi transducer applications.

This Load cell is designed for High Precision Weight and Force measurement applications. These load cells are made from high nickel alloy steel and Sealed to IP68 standard.

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