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Best Load Cell Manufacturers in Vizag, Andra Pradesh-Suppliers

Sensomatic, as several other load cell manufacturers in Vizag, has come this far adjusting to two of its needs, quality products, and good service. Here is the reason you need to purchase your transducers from us rather than other load cell suppliers in Vizag:

We have on our index some fascinating assortment of sensors and modules that solitary the most powerful load cell manufacturers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh has added to their collection.

Past that, we have a wide choice of load cells that coordinate with just a modest bunch of other industry driving load cell suppliers in Vizag. While you are here, take a look at our load cells.

As one of the leading  Load cell suppliers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, we offer a warranty on all our products and good maintenance support.

Sensotech, is the best Load cell manufacturer in Vizag, Andra Pradesh. We supply high-quality load cells of different functionality.

Load cells are transducers that are planned as estimating devices. They check and monitor the force of pressure, tension, and shear by converting mechanical power into measuring electrical signals.

Frequently, you’ll hear the expression “load cell” utilized interchangeably with “transducer,” “load sensors,” “sensor” or “measure.”

Among the all load cell manufacturers in Vizag(Visakhapatnam), Sensotech is the best load cell suppliers and dealers in Vizag.

Here are some types of load cells by Load cell manufacturers in Vizag

  • Single Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
  • Button Type Load Cell
  • Rope Tension Load Cell
  • Rocker Column


Two models of single-ended shear beam load cells like SESB-1 and SESB-2 are present in sensotech. The load cell suppliers & dealers in Vizag supply load cells all over India and also worldwide. The main features of these load cell are

  • Robust in construction
  • Suitable for harsh Industrial application
  • Withstand impact load.
  • The load cell is constructed from High Nickel Alloy Steel


Two types are there


  • Compact Loadcell
  • Suitable for Universal application
  • Available only in Stainless Steel Version
  • Suitable for Press Fit System & Special Purpose Machines.
  • The capacity range is 500 kgf


  • Ultra-Compact Loadcell
  • Same features of BT-mini
  • Capacity range is 100 kgf & 200 kgf


Rope Tension Load cell ideal for tension measurement in rope used in Cranes & other Mooring Applications. The load cell is used as a Load Limiting Device / Overload Sensor. Three types of rope tension load cells are available, they are DESB-RTM ( Single Rope)


The unique mounting cups combined with an optimal radius of Loadcell provide this rocker assembly Load cell with accurate results and is easier to Install. Two types

  • CMP
  • CMP-SP

We,  Load cell manufacturers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, and the Load cell suppliers & dealers in Vizag have these kinds of load cells.


  • Unique construction in design
  • Made from high nickel alloy steel.
  • Allows angular loading without affecting the accuracy
  • Sealed to IP68 standard.

For example, sensors and gauges are a part of load cells. Yet, sensors are a type of transducer as well. You can see where the confusion comes in! So, while it is appropriate to call load cells and sensors both “transducers,” it’s less appropriate to call sensors and gauges “load cells.”

Nevertheless, be prepared to see them used this way, and if you are confused, never hesitate to ask for clarification.

This technology is commonly employed for mechanical and industrial testing, ongoing system load monitoring, as components in devices like industrial scales and other areas of the manufacturing, processing, and testing industries.

Load cells, as well as pressure sensors and gauges, have a wide variety of specific applications. The Chave produced different types of load cells according to the client requirements. For example, warehouse workers use load cells to determine the exact weight of loaded pallets.

In food processing, load cells and pressure sensors give a precise ingredient measurement and distribute them accordingly during packaging. They are all dependent on Load cell manufacturers in Vizag or otherwise load cell suppliers or dealers in Vizag or in India.

Other applications include calibration systems, fatigue testing in research and development laboratories, push-pull testing and flow measurement, bridge beam tension strength testing, railcar weighing scales, and truck scales.