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Button Load Cell Suppliers in India

Button Load Cell Suppliers In India

In India, there are a lot of Best Load cell manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers. Among these Sensomatic is the most popular button Load Cell Suppliers in  India and also the load cell dealers. Apart from the load cell suppliers, this is also the leading load cell manufacturer of all types of sensors in India.

The leading Button Load Cell Suppliers in India. We provide button load cells of mainly two types, BT Mini and BT Submini with 100% assured quality.

Button load cells are manufactured mostly for compression and force applications. The button load cells are available in different capacities and different nominal sensitivity.


  • Low deflection and creep
  • Allow high permissible dynamic load
  • High fatigue rated
  • Impact Resistant

Button Load Cell

Sensomatic is the leading Button Load Cell Supplier in India. They provide two main types of load cell: BT Mini and BT Sub-mini with assured quality. These are suitable for compression and force applications and come with characteristics such as low deflection and creep, high permissible dynamic load, high fatigue rated, impact resistance. BT mini is a compact load cell made from stainless steel that has an output voltage of 1.5mv/V and capacity range starting from 500 to 1000 kgf. The BT submini on the other hand is an ultra-compact stainless steel load cell with a capacity range of 50 to 250 kgf. Sensomatic provides industry-standard load cells with on-time delivery as well as customised solutions. Their button load cells are primarily used for Special Purpose Machines (SPM), level measurements, testing measurement, tank weighing, process automation etc.

  • BT-mini
  • BT-Sub mini


BT mini is a compact load cell, is made up of stainless steel. This is suitable for universal applications like a special-purpose machine. The output voltage of the BT mini is 1.5mv/V and .25% variation. The capacity range is starting from 500 to 1000

The BT-mini is a compact load cell that is designed for universal applications and only comes in a stainless steel version for either tension or compression. The capacity range of the BT-mini is from 500 to 1000 kgf, and it is suitable for press fit systems and special purpose machines.

BT Sub mini

BT sub-mini is an ultra-compact load cell that is used for both tension and compression mode applications. This load cell manufactured from stainless steel. This type of load cell is available in the capacity range of 50 to 250kgf. The dimension for this capacity is the same.BT sub-mini is used for Press Fit System & Special Purpose Machine.

Button load cells are sensors used to measure force, weight and torque. They are commonly used in industrial settings and can be found at various suppliers across India. One of these premium suppliers is based in India and offers button load cell models such as the BT-mini, BT-Sub Mini, and more.


Sensomatic is one of the most reliable and well-respected button load cell suppliers in India, with a wide range of models such as BT-Mini and BT-Sub Mini. We offer high-quality products along with 100% maintenance support, both internally and externally. Furthermore, we can customize load cells to meet the specific needs of our clients, while adhering to industry standards for on-time delivery.

Sensomatic has become one of the most trusted and Load Cell Suppliers in India due to the high-quality product, excellent maintenance support, and reliable export services. Our products range from button load cells like BT-Mini and BT-Sub Mini, to custom loadcells tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Additionally, we offer industry-standard load cells with fast delivery times.

  • Apart from other Load Cell Suppliers in  India, we s provide good quality loadcells with 100% maintenance support
  • We export loadcells to outside India also
  • We manufacture custom load cells with the client’s requirement.
  • We provide industry-standard load cells with on-time delivery.


  • Spm
  • Level measurement
  • Testing measurement
  • Tanking Weighing
  • Process automation