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Best Load-Cell Suppliers in Nagpur

Buy Load Cells From Best Load Cell Suppliers in Nagpur

Are you looking for reliable best load cell suppliers in Nagpur? Nagpur is home to a number of quality manufacturers who offer a wide range of products designed to meet different applications. Sensomatic is one such provider, and it stands out amongst the other load cell suppliers in the city for its commitment to providing high-quality and durable products. If you’re looking for the best in terms of reliability and superior performance, then look no further than Sensomatic – one of the leading load cell suppliers in Nagpur.

Sensomatic is a truly outstanding and eminent association that offers a high-grade load cell. We are a quality-driven association that conveys every item with excellent norms.


  • Load cells are affordable
  • Load cells are cheaper to maintain
  • Shorter delivery time
  • 100% customer support
  • High quality and the customized product is provided

Sensomatic supplies load cells all over the world and it becomes the best load cell, dealer, too.

Load Cell Suppliers in Nagpur

Sensomatic is one of the leading load cell suppliers in Nagpur. They provide high-quality load cells that are designed to measure pressure and weight. Their load cells are known for their reliability and accuracy and come with an extensive range of accessories. Sensomatic offers services across multiple industries, providing superior quality components to ensure maximum accuracy in your measurement systems.


The Universal Load Cell – Pancake Load Cell is a type of load cell that is designed to support a variety of applications. It has a relatively thin and flat form factor, making it ideal for installations that require low profile mounting and minimal space allowance. This load cell measures the force applied to it and transduces it into an electrical signal output. It features high accuracy, low hysteresis, and wide frequency response for precise measurements in a range of industrial settings.

Pancake Load cell Mounting

Get the best pancake load cell mounting with our product! Made from high nickel alloy steel construction and sealed to IP68 standard, this load cell is perfect for dynamic applications and can withstand impact loads. With a wide range of capacity options available, it’s suitable for both compression and tension modes.

Pancake load cells are a type of compression-based load cell that is noted for its small size and outstanding performance. Pancake load cells are typically used in applications where space may be limited, such as automation or testing systems. To ensure accurate readings, they must be secured using firm mounting brackets and properly connected to the instrumentation. As their name implies, pancake load cells resemble thin disks and come in different capacities ranging from hundreds of kilograms to multiple tons.

The model UNV Universal Load Cell, otherwise known as a Pancake Load Cell, is an Ultra High accuracy device made of High Nickel alloy steel to withstand Impact Load. Designed to be used in Compression and Tension mode, it has an IP68 seal and offers Fatigue Rated Capacity Range from 200 kgf/ 500 kgf/ 5tf-30tf/ 45tf-200tf and 300 tf.


The load cells have been used a variety of applications. Here we list some applications of the load cell. Sensomatic is the leading load cell dealer in Nagpur for almost all companies.

  • Sorting Machine
  • Farm Equipment
  • Filling Machine
  • Material Testing
  • Packing Machine
  • Press Fit Machine
  • SPM & UTM Machine
  • Spring Testing Machine
  • Food & Beverage Industries
  • Pallet Scale
  • Robotics

For businesses in the Nagpur area requiring quality load cells, Sensomatic is a renowned supplier and manufacturer. We understand how important it is for customers to receive their products on time and our commitment to efficiency means orders are quickly processed and delivered as soon as possible.

This load cell has an electronic structure, that can be in different sizes and shapes. It is used to break down the static and additionally unique opposition of framework or some detached structure. In business load cells load sensors have different sizes and shape

All in all Load Cell is a separate structure, though weighing is a static estimation. As it is utilized in gauging it deals with simply a solitary hub.


  • Sensomatic is an industrial and manufacturing company that specializes in offering premium quality products to its customers.
  • Their products are crafted with the best materials and advanced technology meeting international industry standards.
  • Additionally, their items are renowned for features like superior quality, toughness, smooth finishing, user-friendly interface, compact designs, and easy installation. Customers can avail of these products from Sensomatic at competitive prices.
  • Our offered items are exhaustively recognized because of their assorted credits, for example, incomparable quality, strength, smooth completion, easy-to-understand interface, reduced plan, and simple establishment. Customers can profit from the offered items from us at the most reasonable costs.

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