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High Speed Load Cell Manufacturers In India

High Speed Load Cell Manufacturers In India

Sensomatic Sensor is one of the High Speed Load Cell Manufacturers in India, providing an extensive range of Shear Beam Load Cells. Our prducts are available in many sizes and shapes to best suit our clients’ needs. We strive to be the leading manufacturer in India by offering top-notch quality services.

Our all items are coordinated with global guidelines and give the most extreme fulfillment to the customers. Our wide experience and information in this field encourage us to cater our items at serious cost on the lookout.

Sensomatic is one of the leading high speed load cell manufacturers in India. We are experienced in providing durable and reliable solutions to our customers at a competitive price. All our products adhere to international standards and are carefully designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Sensomatic is the top manufacturer of high-speed load cell manufacturers in India. We manufacturers high-speed load cells like HSSP, SSP-TT & BBM

High Speed Load Cell

Sensomatic is a leading manufacturer of high-speed load cells in India. We manufacture load cells to provide accurate measurements of force, weight, and pressure in applications such as industrial machinery, hydraulic systems, and medical devices. Our high-speed load cells offer fast measurement response times and excellent stability for reliable data output. With decades of experience and innovation in the industry, Sensomatic is committed to providing cost-effective solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

These high exactness load cells are utilized in numerous ventures. Some applications and features of our load cell are given below.


Applications :

Features :



➤ Check Weigher
➤ Material Handling
➤ SPM & UTM Machine
➤ Bridge & Infrastructure
➤ Weigh pad with Indicator
➤ Trolley Weighing System
➤ Chemical Process Plants

➤ Low profile Design
➤ High Fatigue Rated
➤ Monolith Design
➤ self Aligning
➤ In-Built lightening Protection
➤ Allows High Permissible Dynamic Loading
➤ Easy Maintenance

Our Products

Aluminum Load cell,

Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell,

S-Type Load Cell,

Universal Load cell,

Compression Load Cell & etc.

Sensomatic is one of the leading high-speed load cell manufacturers in India. Specializing in a range of precision load cells, Sensomatic has a diverse selection of products to choose from such as aluminum load cell, double ended shear beam load cell, S-type load cell, universal load cell,s and compression load cells. With reliable accuracy and quality material used to construct these products, customers can be assured of the precision and durability with each purchase!

Except for the load cell, we are also the manufacturers of the Indicators, Weigh Modules, Accessories, and also the custom products. Thus, we are one of the top manufacturers in India of Indicators and amplifiers. The Senso-Mo, Senso-C12, WT-PP, TP-MINI, D30, A12, UW202A, AWEW-2000-IT, etc.

We supply load cells to different places in India such as Ahmedabad, Kochi, Jharkhand, Hyderabad, etc. Thus Sensotech is coming to the prime position in the load suppliers in India.