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Load Cell Manufacturers In Bangalore, Karnataka

Load Cell Manufacturers In Bangalore, Karnataka

Sensomatic was incorporated by Sensomatic one of the load cell manufacturers in Bangalore, Karnataka, and almost all cities of India. We design manufacturers of all types of load cells and also customized products for our clients.

The establishment and success of high technology firms in Bangalore have led to the growth of Information Technology (IT) in India. Bangalore is a favorable destination for industrial development. The city is an automobile production hub. Aerospace industries are also popular around Bangalore, Karnataka which made it as Aviation Monopoly capital of India.

Our products are high-quality products are one of the largest load-cell manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in India. We are the leading load cell suppliers and dealers of aluminum load cells, Shear beam load cells, compression load cells, etc.

Working Principle of Load Cells and Advantages

A fundamental load cell comprises a central spring component that goes about as the receptor of the mechanical info conferred by the heap. The surrounding four strain gauges respond to this distortion and complete the Wheatstone connect setup that transfers the amassed data as electric signs. This data is then translated by the gadget and the eventual outcome is given to us. Unnecessary to specify, the pressure is the mechanical info that the gadget utilizes to trigger the whole cycle.

Bangalore has also emerged as an electronics & hardware manufacturing hub in India. Before Bangalore was called the Silicon Valley of India, the city made its name as the headquarters to some of the largest public sector heavy industries of India. Notwithstanding efforts by consecutive governments, especially.

Realizing how instrument functions can be of extraordinary help with choosing our requirements for it. Coming up next are several assortments offered by the load cell manufacturers in Bangalore, Karnataka. Observe their working, and choose for yourself with respect to which variation of the gadget are you in need of.

High Tech and Service Industries in Bangalore 

Bangalore is the leader in India’s biotechnology industry. It is host to leading biotechnology companies and start-ups. Bangalore is home to a wide range of heavy and light industries, as well as high-tech and service industries including information technology (IT) and electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food processing, automobiles, banking and finance, mining, steel, and cement production.

Karnataka is a major producer of cotton and silk and is the country’s center for textile and garment manufacturing. The state contributes 20 percent of garment production. Bangalore’s urban infrastructure has not kept pace with its fast pace economic growth. To improve connectivity and congestion problems, the city has invested heavily in road and public transportation projects in the last 10 years.

Load Cell Manufacturers in Bangalore

There are several Top Load Cell Manufacturer Suppliers in Bangalore that provide different types of load cells for industrial applications and precision weighing. Bending Beam Load Cells are particularly common types of load cells available from these suppliers in Bangalore. These sensors are made from alloy steel and nickel-plated for improved accuracy and linearity. Available capacities range from 20kgf to 70kgf.


The Compression load cell Model CMP is made from High Nickel alloy steel. The Load cell is suitable for robust design & it is a monolith construction. The Load cell is sealed to IP68 standard. Due to its unique design, the Load cells provide accurate results and are easier to Install.


This Low Profile Double Ended Shear Beam load cell is made from high nickel alloy steel. It is constructed with In-built Lightning Protection and is versatile for use in both Dynamic & static applications. The load cell is not affected by lateral loads and it is an IP68 standard.


S Type load cell is constructed from high nickel alloy steel. This Load cell is a compact load cell designed for High Precision Weight and Force measurement applications. These load cells are sealed to IP67 Standard and these are called Universal Load Cells.

Advantage of Sensomatic with other load cell manufacturers in Bangalore, Karnataka

    • 100% customer relation, range management guaranteed
    • On-time dispatch and delivery of the product
    • Affordable price and best product in the market
    • Better service and maintenance support when compared to other load cell manufacturers in Bangalore


By this Sensomatic become the top load cell manufactures in Bangalore in 2023.

These transducers are the most ideal instruments for weighing huge loads in an assortment of enterprises. The device’s appeal lies in its exact results and the way that they come in plenty of variations.

Every variation proves to be useful for the weighing of an alternate sort of load. Despite the fact that the essential behind every classification of the load cells is unique. The basic standards are the equivalent for every one of these gadgets.

That is the utilization of physical force, similar to pressure, strain, pressure, and so forth, prompts the creation and movement of an electric sign that shows the heaviness of the load.

The precision of the scales is of the most extreme significance. It may, as a defective gauging system would make certain to influence the benefits of the client unfavorably.

Bangalore has an extensive network of roads connecting it to other parts of Karnataka and India. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) offers bus services with high-frequency routes that form a grid around the twelve major roads that run through the city center. The Bangalore Railway Station is the main railway station in the state of Karnataka. It connects Bangalore to most cities in Karnataka, as well as other metros like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi.

Moreover, Sensomatic becomes the top load cell manufacturer and also the top load cell supplier in Bangalore. So if you are looking to find the best load cells, do get in touch with us.

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