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Load Cell Manufacturers in Pune

Load Cell Manufacturers in Pune

Sensomatic, one of the biggest load cell manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra brings to you a variety of transducers and sensors. Forging deals with the shaping of different metals with the help of localized compressive pressures and forces. Since Pune is an industrial hub, having several forging industries in Pune is quite inevitable.

The industry of consumer electronics is growing with every passing day. As you know Pune is called the capital of industries, hence the electronics industries have made their marks in the city.

The economy of the state of Maharashtra is the largest in India. It is one of the most urbanized Indian States. Pune District is the third largest contributor to the economy of Maharashtra, after Mumbai and Thane. Pune is a well-known manufacturing and industrial center in India.

What Are the Major Industries in Pune?

Pune is a major manufacturing and industrial hub. The city is known for its automotive industry. Pune is known to have all the IT giants and other players in the auto world with a number of multinational companies too investing a lot in the city.

Being backed by a number of prestigious management and engineering institutes, you can find the city growing from the traditional old economy industries to state-of-art premises having high-end machines and modern-day business practices. Pune now has industries and plants found invariably in every sector.

Pune being an industrial hub, you can find a wide range of chemical industries, plants, and smaller units or workshops, which deal in the production of a number of chemicals.

The food industry is often considered complex and has a global array of diverse businesses. Being an important aspect of man, this industry has a special place in Pune.

It has a global Bioprocessing and Engineering company, which is based in Pune and has a presence in many other countries like the US, UAE, South Africa, Philippines, and Thailand. It usually deals with technology and plants for the biofuels industry Ethanol fuel technology and plants along with water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Sensomatic – A High-Accuracy, Reliable Load Cell Supplier in Pune

Accordingly, Sensomatic has become one of the top load cell suppliers in Pune due to its high-accuracy execution. Above all, its load cells are outstanding compared to others in the current market. Additionally, not only are they accurate but also reliable. After all, if customers can trust their products then it is sure to achieve success in the industry. Afterward, Sensomatic kept coming up with innovative features for customers and afterward became a trusted partner for businesses over time.

There are a lot of load cell manufacturers in Pune. Amongst, Sensomatic is the best and leading load cell manufactures in India.

We supply a wide variety of load cells for all types of industries including oil and gas, marine, health care, etc. Sensotech, incorporated by Sensomatic manufacturers customized load cells as per the request of customers also.


  • We offer a guarantee on our items to ensure that your venture is defended for a sensibly long stretch of time.
  • Sensomatic load cells are intended to perform with high precision.
  • Our delivery service is consistently on schedule for all nearby, national and abroad addresses.
  • Our Service is global, we are one of the top load cell suppliers to foreign countries.
  • As one of the major load cell suppliers in Pune Maharashtra, our conveyance record is immaculate.
  • All our products arrive at our clients in better condition in the briefest time.


These are some types of load cells we manufacture. Take a look at it and view more please visit the page

      • Aluminum load cells
      • Single-point load cells
      • Single-ended shear beam load cells
      • S-type load cells
      • Universal load cells
      • Double-ended shear beam load cells
      • Rope tension load cells
      • Compression load cells
      • Rocker columns
      • Beam deflection sensor
      • High-speed load sensor
      • Shear pin load cell
      • Motor bed sensor
      • Crane load cell
      • Elevator sensor
      • Disc sensor

Our load cells are made with the most elevated attention at all stages. Regardless of whether it is through the designing stage, or through several tests run every day, we guarantee that our items eclipse all competitor items.

Load Cell Manufacturers in Pune

That is the reason prominent clients trust us with their business. Discover why we have a significant effect by reaching us today and also becoming one of the top load cell suppliers in Pune. Sensotech is not only the load cell supplier in Pune but also offers mounting accessories, digital indicators for load cells, and load cell accessories.

To conclude, the best load cells can give the best results for your business. So choose the best load cell manufacturers in Pune and dealers for your company. By these factors, Sensotech becomes the top load cell supplier in India. Our main features include

Good customer relation management

        • on-time delivery
        • Good products and also the best maintenance support
        • Customized products with the client’s requirements
        • We ensure every item is really truly cost-effective.

The load cell suppliers in Pune distribute load cells for different types of applications like Material testing, farm equipment, gym equipment, health kiosk, etc. The load cell manufacturers in Pune and load cell suppliers in Pune are highly competitive with each other.

Sensomatic loadcells are of a special make, unique from the loadcell supplies available in Pune. These loadcells can be used for numerous applications, as compared to conventional load cells.