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Load Cells-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Load Cell?

The load transducers that convert force s like tension, pressure, compression, etc into electrical signals are known as load transducers.

  1. What are the types of load cells?

The main classifications of load cell are

  • Hydraulic load cell
  • Strain Gauge load cell
  • Pneumatic load cell
  • Capacitance load cell

3.Explain the strain gauge load cells types?

There are different types of strain gauge load cells for different applications. Each has different characteristics and functionalities. some example of strain gauges are

  • Aluminum Load cell
  • Single Point Load cell
  • Shear Beam Load cell
  • compression load cell
  • Button Load cell
    S Type Load cell
  • Bending Beam Load cell
  1. What are the main applications of Load cell?

Load cells are used in the almost all applications like weighing and industrial applications for measuring the force and load. Take a look into some of the applications

  • Health care
  • Automotive
  • Food and pharmacy
  • Aerospace
  • Textile and paper
  • Chemical industries
  • Road and rail bridge, View more applications click here
  1. What is the purpose of the load cell?

The main purpose is to measure the weight So most of the applications use weighing scales. The main feature of the load cell is a high accuracy, Highly precise, Easy maintenance, easy processing, and calculation, etc.

  1. Different types of load cells by sensotech?
  • S- TYPE

7.What is the principle of electrical strain gauge load cells?

Electrical strain gauges depend on the guideline of change of the electrical resistance because of the change in the length of the metal utilized in the strain gauge. The equation for the resistance of a strain gauge metal is:

R = ρ L/A

Where ρ = resistivity

A = Cross-sectional area

L = Length

8.What about the capacity of the load cell?

It depends upon the type of load cell used. Sensotech loadcell capacity starts from 600gms, which was used for jewelry applications (Asp-JL) and maximum in Universal load cell(UNV-C).

Sensotech is one of the leading load cell manufacturers in India. We supply to all over India and foreign countries also.

9. What is the classification of a load cell according to types of the output signal?

  • Strain gauge load cell
  • Pneumatic load cell
  • Hydraulic load cell