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Rope Tension Load Cell Manufacturer and Suppliers in Indore

Rope Tension Load Cell Manufacturers and Suppliers in Indore

Looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of rope tension load cells in Indore? Several providers in the area offer quality rope tension load cells that are ideal for industrial and mechanical applications requiring the measurement and control of forces, tensions, and pressures. Get in touch with one today to learn more about their products and services.

Indore, the capital of Madhya Pradesh is famous for its goods and services. This place is also known for load cell manufacturers. Sensotech, is the prominent load cell manufacturer in Indore.

We manufacture different types of load cells like Shear beam load cells, buttons,s type load cells, Aluminum, etc. Among these Rope Tension is also provided there. Sensotech offers different type types of rope tension transducers. So our become the best rope tension load cell manufacturers in Indore as well as in India also.

The highly efficient manufacturing team at Sensotech uses stringent safety and quality control standards, making them the top tension load cell manufacturers in Indore, India.

Sensomatic, a leading manufacturing group located in Indore, India, are expert in tension load cell design and production. They prioritize safety and quality control to ensure their products meet the highest standards. Their rope tension load cells are some of the most efficient on the market!

The types of Rope tension load cells manufactured by Sensomatic are

Types of Rope Tension Load Cells

DESB-RTM ( Single Rope)

The DESB-RTM (SINGLE ROPE) is a Rope Tension load cell designed to measure tension on a rope in mooring and crane applications. This non-invasive, easy-to-handle device is used as both an Overload Sensor and Load Limiting Device, with capacities ranging from 4.5tf to 20tf in Model 500/1100/1350/2250 available.

DESB-RTM ( Multi Rope)

The DESB-RTM (Multi Rope) Load Cell is a tension measuring device designed for rope applications where it can be used to measure tension on cranes and mooring systems. This non-invasive load cell is easy to install and handle after the machine is up and running, with a capacity range of 450 – 2250 kgf (10 tf – 200 tf). It is often used as an overload sensor to provide protection against heavy loads.

SESB-RTM(Single Rope)

The SESB-RTM (Single Rope) Rope Tension Load Cell is a convenient and non-invasive device used to measure the tension on rope utilized in cranes, mooring applications, and other machinery. With a capacity range ranging from 0.5tf to 5tf, this load cell can be easily installed after the machine has been set up, making it easy to handle. It is also an effective Load Limiting Device and Overload Sensor.

  • Reduced the Delivery Cost
  • Shorter Delivery time
  • High standard of safety and quality control

Reduced the Delivery Cost

Sensotech offers affordable delivery costs. Because we have manufacturing companies all over India. So it can reduce the delivery charges.

Sensomatic provides cost-effective delivery options by leveraging its extensive network of manufacturers across India. This helps to reduce expenses when it comes to shipping, allowing customers to take advantage of lower rates on deliveries.

Shorter Delivery Time

Not only is the delivery cost, but it also saves the delivery time also. The product will have less distance to travel and arrive more quickly because of the availability of manufacturers nearby. The proper lead time also increases customer satisfaction.

High standard of safety and quality control

We put tight control over the manufacturing of the load cells. The manufacturing team of sensotech is very efficient.

These features make our company the top tension load cells manufacturers in Indore and also in India.