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Top 10 Load cell Applications And Importance Of Load Cell

Top 10 Load Cell Applications And Importance Of Load Cell

Load cells can be applied in a wide range of industries. Get up to speed with our list of the Top 10 Load Cell Applications And Importance Of Load Cell to know where it can be used most effectively. Here we present the top 10 most popular uses of load cells: 1) Industrial Force Measurement; 2) Vehicle Weighing; 3) Quality Control; 4) Process Monitoring; 5) Laboratory Testing; 6) Batch Processing/Filling Systems; 7) Crane Scales; 8) Robotics/Automation Control 9) Medical Research/Testing and 10). Aerospace Controls.

Load cell Applications

A load cell is one of the most used weight/force measurement devices. It can be found almost anywhere, from the retail market to the hospital and defense. The usage is not restricted to a single industry or application. Sensomatic has 18 years of experience in load cell Manufacturing in India for Aerospace, Neonatal, Health Care, Food, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Military, Automobile, Rail & Road Weigh Bridge, Oil & Gas, Marine, Textile & Paper, Mines & Petrochemical, Aviation, Poultry Equipment, Steel & Cement Industries & Chemical Industrial Applications.


load cells are used in a variety of applications ranging from industrial and consumer products to medical research and environmental testing. Here are the top 10 applications for load cells.

Top 10 Load Cell Applications


Sensomatic Load cells are well-suited for aerospace applications. They are used at various phases of development in the aerospace sector and can provide a variety of benefits depending on the application and type chosen. They are ideal for both commercial and military aircraft applications.

They are employed in four key areas.

    • Initial design and build stages
    • Structural, fatigue, and pre-flight testing
    • In-Flight Testing and Monitoring
    • Flight-Qualified Force Monitoring and Control Applications

Load cells are used in a variety of industries, ranging from industrial machines to medical equipment.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry:

Sensomatic (an ISO 9001-2015 company) has extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing single and multi-axis load cells used for medical and pharmaceutical applications. In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, where health and physical care are at stake, having accurate and exact force and moment measurements are essential.

Sensomatic load cell capacities range from small to large, making them perfect for critical, life-saving measurements in medical, neonatal, health, and paramedical application.

They are tailored for every application, from small, precise measurements when calibrating laparoscopic equipment to large-scale patient lifts. The accuracy and long life necessary for Neonatal applications are provided by our load cells. Sensomatic load cells offer high precision of accuracy in measurement for incubators.


They are utilized in a variety of sensitive fluid-monitoring applications, such as renal dialysis, blood donation, and blood transfusions. In a traditional renal dialysis system, one or more load cells may be utilized to ensure that the filtration system is correctly balanced and timed. Endoscopy is a distinctive area aided by load cell technology.

The force of these devices against the tissue can be monitored, which greatly improves surgical precision. To track muscle healing in physical therapy, special load cells are used.

Special hand-grip load cells are used to detect movement and monitor any strength loss during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to control or monitor patient mobility. Our sensors are also used to track unusual pressure fluctuations during pregnancy in high-risk pregnancies to prevent premature birth problems. Load sensor specially designed for performing any critical robotic surgery.


Sensomatic has supported many military hardware developments and control programs in a large variety of applications. Both aerospace and defense applications are conjugate with each other, but many applications are unique and have challenging force-sensing requirements. Sensomatic application professionals worked closely with the clients to determine the optimal force measurement solution.

We manufacture various types of measurement sensors and touch with the customer to identify the optimal solution. The sensor is often mounted during a sort of location and configuration therefore the testing process provides comprehensive and accurate data.


Sensomatic has a huge selection of food-grade sensors and electronics applications. The Food and Drug Administration places a high priority on hygiene and requires junction boxes, washdowns, and digital displays.

For the food industry, Sensomatic food processing weighing system components are the best choice. We are providing check weighing systems, vessel weighing systems, and batch weighing systems to clients to help with their manufacture, packaging, and shipping of food.

Sensomatic manufactures load cells for tension measurement, utilizing tension links and S-type; or base mounts for compression applications, paired with our single or double-ended shear beam sensors.


The automotive industry employed many force transducers and torque meters in the manufacture of vehicles, during examination in progress and at the end of the manufacturing process, and even in the equipment used in technical control centers.

The efficiency of equipment installed in vehicles must be monitored by the automotive industry. This is especially the case with braking systems. Sensomatic has designed specific load cells to measure the force required to operate the braking systems in order to achieve this goal.


  • Brake Sensing and Force Measurement
  • Head Bolt Force and Preload
  • Shock Force Measurement
  • Spring Loads
  • Gasket Force Monitoring
  • Motor Mounts
  • Suspension Force Measurement
  • Impact Testing
  • Production Line Feedback
  • Brake pedal / Clutch / Accelerator
  • Horn/mirror motor / glass motor
  • Seat endurance/seat belt

Rail & Road Weigh Bridge application:

weighbridge is a big weighing scale that is used to determine the weight of a vehicle, whether it is loaded or not. Whether it’s a weighing machine or a weighbridge, accuracy is always important.

A weighbridge is the sole way for many industries in India to track product input and output, ensure loaded vehicles, and charge customers for their goods. All these activities need a high-accuracy weighbridge to determine the vehicle’s weight.

For this, Sensomatic manufactures high-accuracy load cells for weighbridges that monitor vehicle weight at certain restricted speed levels.


From research and exploration to monitoring equipment, our Oil Gas Energy Sensors are used in every step of energy production. Oil, gas, wind, coal, solar, and new energy industries use load cells and torque transducers to help fuel the world.

Our applications engineers can help you develop a measuring solution for your energy production needs using a variety of load buttons, load cells, torque transducers, force transducers, and other Oil Gas Energy Sensors.


We all know that concrete required different ratios to meet different application requirements, so all concrete materials must be weighed before entering into the concrete mixer. Aggregate weighing, additive weighing, water weighing, cement weighing, and other materials are all weighed using the load cell.


The marine sector is incredibly demanding, and the atmosphere can be extremely hostile. The load cells we offer for marine applications have been engineered to operate in these severe environments, making them ideally suited for these applications, which range from splash zones to deep beneath the ocean’s surface.

The following are the most common uses of load cells in marine applications;

  • Oil Exploration & Drilling
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Underwater Cable Monitoring
  • Underwater Vehicles and Vehicle Recovery
  • Mooring Loads & Systems
  • Platform Retention
  • Dry-dock hoist systems
  • Anchoring loads
  • Dam Force Measurement

Sensomatic will design load cells for all of these applications.


Load cells are a vital component of many modern machines that enable precise, digital weighing. Load cells are important in the weighing industry, as well as any other industry that deals with the weight of industrial goods. In the future, miniaturized and smarter load cells with interchangeability and networking technologies are planned to be used to give robots sensing abilities that are equivalent to, if not superior to, human touch. This technology will expand the spectrum of surgical treatments while lowering overall expenses, allowing more patients than ever before to benefit from life-saving surgery.

Load cells will be used in a range of preventive medical devices. Load cells are used in remote health kiosks and robotic surgeries, which is the future of the medical field.