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Types of Load Cells

Types of Load Cells

There are different types of load cells for different applications, including universal load cells, disk sensors, digital load cells, and tension load cells. Learn more about each type here.

Sensomatic is the manufacturer of load cells with pressure gauges. Strain gauge load cell are mainly used in weighing applications, such as kinds of agricultural equipment, hospital bed scales, bridge and infrastructure scales, car weighing systems, etc.

Different load cells are used for different applications.                    

Sensomatic offers a range of strain gauge load cells, including universal load cells, disk sensors, digital load cells and strain load cells. For example, strain load cells are ideal for measuring force in wire or cable, while universal load cells can be used to measure both pressure and strain. The choice of load cell type is highly dependent on the specific requirements of your project.

Choosing the correct load cell depends on factors such as accuracy, capacity, size, and environmental conditions. Explore the different types of load cells to make an informed decision.

Aluminum Load Cell

This type of load cell is made of aircraft alloy. This provides the best linearity and performance with little creep effect. The load cell is designed to offer a high precision output

Single Point Load Cell

Single point load cells are known as platform load cells. The main features of single point load cells are their high precision and reliability. This type of load cell is used in many applications, but is most commonly used for small to medium scales.

Like other types of load cells, these are transducers that convert energy or weight into an electrical signal.

According to the lower load, the load cell case is slightly deformed. This change is determined by the strain gauges deforming into a single shape with the body, resulting in a potential difference.

This voltage signal is directly proportional to the initial energy or weight and can therefore be used to calculate it.

Bending Beam Load Cells

Bending beam load cells are generally known as following beam load cells.

These load cells are made of a nickel-plated alloy and their main features are precision and high linearity. The bending beam contains a metal spring that elastically deforms under load. After the load was removed, the spring element changed to its normal shape.

S-Type Load Cell

The S type load cell is made of high alloy nickel steel and sealed with a standard IP67 load cell. This is a universal load cell type load cell which also refers to column cells, it is used for sanitary ware, such as patient lifting machine, hanging cabinet, etc.

Type S load cells get their name from their shape, which is the shape of the letter “S”. S-Beams are commonly used in tension and compression applications where they will experience both static and dynamic loads.

S Type Load Cell Application
  • hybrid scales
  • silo scales
  • Crane scales
  • Tank weight.
  • Hanging scales for containers
Compression Load Cell

In the field of mechanical and technical applications, the pressure load cell is commonly used.

A compression load cell typically includes a low or round button around the flat.

This works surprisingly well in conditions where top and side clearance is limited. The operating principle of this load cell is based on the concept of pressure and relaxation.

Likewise, there are countless load cells available to count on the applications.

In summary, different types of load cells have different advantages and different applications.

For users to use effectively depends on their own applications.

Sensomatic has offered a wide range of different types of load cells, and custom load cells are also available here. Sensomatic promoted by Sensotech is one of the best load cell manufacturers in India.