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Sensomatic Load Cell manufacturers in India are unique in the design of Load Cells, Weighing Instruments, and Weighing Assemblies, etc. If you’re developing a new machine or device and need to gauge force. The typical force sensors and load cells do not provide a viable answer. So, what comes next is a custom load cell that fits your equipment or application perfectly. You don’t need to look any further because you’ve arrived at the correct location. Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India have extensive experience designing specialized load cells for a wide range of applications. In a variety of industrial applications, load cells are used to record and measure the force of compressive and tensile loads. We believe in innovative technological growth.

We understand the needs of the customers and customize the load cells as per their needs and demands. Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India provide specialized load cells for any application that requires monitoring of force, torque, or weight. Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India provide best-in-class Load Cells in a variety of shapes and sizes based on their load-bearing and measurement capacity. Custom load cell products account for more than half of the items we launch each year, demonstrating our customer-centric approach. We endeavor to provide the best available solution for each application we face. Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India provide specialized mounting attachments as well as some pretty interesting weighing assemblies. We will strictly adhere to the system requirements and continuously enhance our quality management system in order to fulfill this commitment.


Display: 6 digits, 7 segment, LED / Tactile Keys Wireless Crane Load Cell with jumbo display.
Capacity Range (in tf): 1 /2 /5 /10 /20 /30
Frequency Range: 50M to 1000M
Remote Calibration can be done.



Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India are the leading producer and supplier of Customized Load Cells. It is built using high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology to satisfy the demands of industrial weighing. These products are also subjected to a variety of quality checks to verify that they are free of flaws. The customer’s requirements must be communicated clearly to ensure that they are met the first time and every time. Sensomatic can manufacture unique load cells for virtually any weighing application. Our engineers and technicians have significant understanding of various weighing methods throughout all of our product lines, so please allow us to assist you in finding the most appropriate solution for your project. We, the Sensomatic Load cell manufacturers in India thoroughly comprehend the customers’ present needs and anticipate their future requirements for the products.

Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India’s level of assistance to you is as extensive as your business requires. Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India provide excellent pre-sales, installation, commissioning, and after-sales assistance for our full product line. Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India are aware that their customers must adapt to rapidly shifting objectives and field monitoring needs. Rentals are available for a wide range of monitoring equipment and accessories from Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India. We commit entirely to fulfilling all product and service requirements at all levels to increase customer satisfaction. Several of our weighing modules have unique features that enable for quick, simple installation and replacement without the use of specialized tools or hydraulic jacks, lowering installation costs. We are committed to consistently improving our level of competence and knowledge for better performance. The team of Sensomatic load cell manufacturers in India is composed of some of the best technological minds in the business. Experts in hardware, design, software, metalworking, and measuring make up our diversified team. Sensomatic load cell manufacturers is one of the few load cell manufacturers in India that fully emphasizes the importance of weighing modules that not only appropriately apply the load to a load cell, but also give value to the installer and end user in cost and time savings. Contact us for best customized load cells to fit in your applications.

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